From zero to you.

We’ve made it our mission

to provide disinfecting products manufactured to the highest standards, directly from our Canadian facilities to your door.

Proudly All-Canadian

We take pride in developing an exclusive line of products, which meets all existing regulations with full compliance to Health Canada and is manufactured to the highest standards. All final solution formulation, quality testing, filling, and records keeping are completed and fulfilled from our facilities situated in the southern Montreal area; for a truly Canadian made final product.

Plus, all wipes are packaged and in our hands until they are delivered to yours, making AXL more involved in its production process than any of its competitors.

Extra durable material

Clean more, use less

We are happy to present our rugged, sturdy, and luxurious 12” non-woven wipe. Following more than 6 months of research, development and testing, we’ve created these XL high-strength wipes to clean more efficiently while using less material. In fact, they cover 3 times the surface area of a regular wipe and withstands abrasion and heavy use. Ideal for cleaning stubborn grime on large surfaces or heavy duty equipment.

Ready to ship - factory direct


For large volume orders, please contact us for a personalized quote and confirmation of price and delivery. We look forward to evaluating your needs and offering you exactly the deal you’re looking for.